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First lady of Haiti not dead, hours after local media pronounced her dead.

first lady of haiti

Image Credit: Miamiherald

The first lady of Haiti, Martine Moise did not succumb to her wounds. Conflicting reports from local media, possibly to protect her have said that she is still alive. Some reports came in that she is being flown for treatment in Miami. Her husband, President of Haiti Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his private residence earlier today when armed assailants shot him and the first lady in their private residence.

The armed assailants have not been identified yet, but are believed to be mercenaries. Videos are circulating online showing them saying that they are from the DEA in English and most probably managed to gain access of the President’s residence through that way. In the footage there were three heavily armed soldiers and a body on the road.


  1. Thankfully, the reports of the former First Lady’s death were premature. She’s now being treated in a Broward County, Florida, hospital, under tight security.

    Man, someone with a lot of money was behind this. The hit team was too well-trained and efficient to have been anything else but a professional job. Mercenaries, I imagine.

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    • I agree. Their accent seem to be North American. Atleast, she is still alive and may be when she recovers she can give some information about the shooters, but I highly doubt she can give more information since the they were very fast.

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