Reliance on food banks increases in France.

Image Credit: Reuters/Brian Synder Coronavirus has brought about financial problems in France. In what is considered to be its worst recession since World War 2, more people are flocking to […]

A surge in cases in Canada.

Image Credit: Canadian Press/Rex/Shutterstock In recent weeks, Canada had successfully controlled the virus, after managing to steadily decrease the number of cases. Unfortunately, on Friday, a top medical officer said […]

Panama doctors protest the surge in new cases.

Image Credit: Rodrigo Arangua/AFP Doctors in Panama protested the surge in cases, without enough personal protective equipment and personnel. On Thursday, the number of coronavirus cases in Panama surpassed 50,000. […]

Israel returns to partial lockdown.

Image Credit: AP/Oded Balilty In early Friday morning, the Isreali government, after a long emergency meeting, announced that a partial lockdown will be put in place. This was in response […]