Brazil surpasses 100,000 deaths

Image Credit: EPA On Saturday night, Brazil surpassed 100,000 deaths due to COVID-19. Five months after their first case, Brazil has been hardly hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The country […]

Angry protesters out in the streets again.

Image Credit: Reuters After the huge explosion that left 158 dead and thousands injured on Tuesday, protesters headed back to street to protest the government’s corruption. Last October, people went […]

18 people killed in India plane crash

Image Credit: Favas Jalla/AFP/Getty Images On Friday, 18 passengers, including two pilots have lost their lives, when the plane skidded on the runway amidst heavy rains in Southern Kozhikode in […]

China launches two satellites.

Launch of Long March 2D rocket from Gobi desert. Image Credit: CASC On August 6, China launched two satellites, an Earth Observation satellite and a small companion satellite from Tsinghua […]

Massive fire reported in Ajman, UAE.

Image Credit: Via social media On Wednesday night, a massive fire reportedly struck a market in Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The market known as Irani Market, is located 30 […]