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Arrival to Prague Airport temporarily closed after a firework exploded in a passenger’s luggage.

Image Credit: airportfocusinternational

Prague airport Václav Havel in Czech Republic has reportedly closed down after reports have emerged that a suspicious package was found. Footage emerged of traffic due to the closure of Aviatická Street leading to the airport.

All flights have been suspended until further notice. This is an active situation. Czech Police released a statement on Twitter.

At around 9 o’clock in the public part of Terminal 2, there was a fire caused by an as yet unidentified object by a citizen of Great Britain. At the moment, all emergency units are in place and the preliminary investigation is being carried out.

Czech Police on Twitter.

Update: The airport was closed after a firework exploded in a British passenger’s backpack in Terminal 2. A fire ensued and the British passenger was burned in the accident.

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