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Several people killed in Abu Dhabi, UAE after drone strike.

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United Arab Emirates officials revealed that Abu Dhabi have been targeted by a drone strike that killed three people. The drones attacked three fuel trucks and the city’s main airport.

Initial investigations found parts of a small plane that could possibly be a drone at both sites that could have caused the explosion and the fire.

Abu Dhabi police

The attacks have been claimed by the rebel group Houthi which reside in Yemen and are in war with countries such as United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for their involvement in Yemen’s war. Saudi Arabia has been a common target for the Houthi rebel group, but the United Arab Emirates is not usually targeted.

According to State news, the three people were killed in the industrial Musaffah area near the storage facilities of the oil firm ADNOC. Six others were wounded in the explosion. Two of those killed were Indians, while the other one was a Pakistani.

More details to follow.

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