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Explosion in Abu Dhabi.

Image Credit: Twitter account Theragex

Another explosion has hit the city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates today at around 8.45pm London time. Officials have reported that a missile or a drone struck a high-rise building, and that was the reason for the loud explosion many people in the city heard.

The United Arab Emirates has recently been targeted by the Yemen rebel group Houthi for their involvement in Yemen’s war. The United Arab Emirates, which forms part of the Arab alliance spearheaded by Saudi Arabia is embroiled in a war with Yemen in an attempt to remove the Houthi rebels, which are Iranian-backed, from the country.

Witnesses said that they heard two explosions. This comes just weeks after UAE said that it managed to neutralize two Houthi ballistic missiles. Also, three weeks ago, Abu Dhabi’s main airport was targeted by a drone strike resulting in several casualties.

Update: The explosion is being attributed to a faulty gas cyclinder.

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