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Category: Terror

Knife attack in Duisburg, Germany.

Image Credit: Twitter account @ VendeeVoile Two people wielding a knife randomly attacked people at a gym in the city centre of Duisburg, Germany. Four people have been seriously injuring. […]

Railway explosion in Southern Thailand.

Image Credit: Thai PBS Early on Tuesday, an explosion occured in Thailand’s southern Songkhla railway station killing at least three railway workers and injured four others. The accident occurred at […]

Two explosions in Jerusalem.

Image Credit: Nexta Israeli media reported a terror attack by an explosive device in a bus stop in Jerusalem. The device detonated and the explosion injured at least 11 people. […]

Chicago Halloween shooting.

Image Credit: AP A drive-by shooting at 9.30pm took place in Garfield Park neighbourhood on Halloween night injuring 14 people, including three children. Chicago Police said that the three children […]