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Crack discovered in Penly 1 nuclear reactor in France.

Image Credit: AFP

The France’s Nuclear Safety Authority said that the company owning the Penly 1 nuclear reactor discovered a new 155mm and 23mm deep crack in one of the nuclear reactors. While it does not pose any threat to the staff, the France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) asked the company to review its strategy regarding the cooling of the reactor.

The crack was discovered back in January during a ‘metallurgical expertise’ on ‘a weld filed in January’. The crack is close to the weld of a relief pipe which is used to cool the reactor in a case of emergency.

Another crack was discovered back in October 2021. It was described as a stress corrosion crack. The pipes are no longer resistant according to ASN. The crack was classified as level 2 on the INES scale (which has 8 levels) for reactor 1 of the Penly nuclear power plant.

More details to follow.

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