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WHO to recognize ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health condition.

The world health organisation will be considering to add ‘gaming disorder’  to its current list of mental health conditions. This is expected to happen on its next session of updating  of the international of Diseases (ICD). There is no current date set for the 11th version of the ICD.

In the physcological community, ‘gaming disorder’ has always been a topic of confusion and one which required a lot of research. The confusion arises because playing excessively sometimes is not considered problematic to one individual but might pose serious mental impairments to another individual. It is for this reason that a group of researchers from Nottingham Trent University in the UK claimed that scientists must be able to classify the difference between non-problematic excessive gaming and problematic excessive gaming. The latter is considered problematic when individuals lose control and gaming starts to affect their work, social life, educational etc.

This does not mean that gaming cannot have any positive effects. According to some research, gaming can help to relieve stress, improve problem-solving abilities, and also enhance traits like eye-hand coordination. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy balance is slightly tricky.


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