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Countries reopening, rules not being followed and a surge in cases.

Police car passes through Soho street filled with revellers.

Image Credit: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

England, last night marked the first night of reopening, after 3 months of lockdown. People flocked to bars, restaurants, theme parks and hairdressers. The conditions imposed were strict social distancing rules.

Campsites and and holiday accommodations also reopened. There were reports of a lot of traffic in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, as many caravan owners were heading to the beach. In Soho, hundreds of people were seen drinking and enjoying their first night out since the pandemic began.

In London, people were seen together in large numbers, with little regard for social distancing rules, and masks no where to be seen. Police were also seen without masks. It is as if, there is no pandemic in the UK. As of Sunday, UK reported 313,483 cases since the pandemic started. There were a total of 44,198 deaths.

In another country, Brazil, the second worst hit country in the world, where the number of cases seems to have spiraled out of control, the city of Rio De Janeiro reopened bars on July 2nd, and there were reports that social distancing rules were not imposed on the crowds of people. Bars had to open till 11pm, yet they remained open after midnight. People were seen very close to each other in Dias Ferreira Street, a popular road in Rio.

As of Sunday, Brazil reported 1,578,376 cases and 64,365 deaths since the pandemic began.


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