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India reports highest daily number of cases over the last 24 hours

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India reported 24,850 new cases and 613 deaths over the past 24 hours. Around 2,244 of the cases were reported from New Delhi. Thte total number of cases in India now stands at 687,035. The total death toll is now at 19,505.

Maharashtra number of cases surged to a new record after 7,074 new cases were reported over the past 24 hours. This puts the number of total cases in the region to 200,064. Maharashtra extended its lockdown till the 31st of July. On the other hand, the rate of new cases in New Delhi decreased by 10.58%.

Globally, the number of coronavirus cases has surpassed 11,400,000. The global death toll now stands at 534,510. Around one-third of the deaths occurred in the United States.

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