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Nine tower blocks in Melbourne locked down on Saturday affecting 3000 people

Image Credit: AFP

Around 9 inner city blocks in Melbourne, Australia, were surrounded by police to prevent any residents from exiting the area. The area is home to 3000 people. The lockdown was announced on Saturday, after 27 people, from the tower blocks, were found to be positive for the virus.

On Saturday, in the region of Victoria, there was a total of 108 new cases, while on Sunday, 74 more people were found to be positive for the virus.

Daniel Andrews on Saturday said, ‘This is not going to be a pleasant experience for those residents but i have a message for those residents: this is not about punishment but protection.’

‘We cannot have this virus spread. We have to do everything we can to contain the virus and that is why staying in your unit, staying in your flat, is absolutely essential.’

Mr. Daniels said that many people in these tower blocks have pre-existing health condition and that, ‘people will die, it’s simple as that’, if the virus continues to spread in the area.

The government announced that it will stop taking rent from the people affected for 2 weeks, and payments of $1,500 will be handed out for those that cannot go to work. For those that are unemployed, $750 will be paid to them.

Public health workers will test every resident in the area locked down. Food and health supplies have already been arranged to be delivered.

Mr Sutton stressed the importance of the lockdown of these tower blocks.

‘This specific setting has genuinely explosive potential’.

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