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United Nations reject US bid to extend the arms embargo on Iran.

Image Credit: Sepahnews via AP

On Saturday, Iran praised the United Nations security council vote, which rejected the US wish to extend an arms embargo on Iran.

President of Iran said, ‘The United States failed in this conspiracy with humiliation.’ He continued, ‘In my opinion, this day will go down in the history of our Iran and in the history of fighting global arrogance.’

Out of the 15 votes cast by the members council, only two voted in favour to extend the embargo. United States’s European allies all abstained and they only managed to get the vote of Dominican Republic.

The foreign Minister of Iran, Abbas Mousavi, said ‘In the 75 years of United Nations history, America has never been so isolated.’

‘Despite all the trips, pressure and hawking, the United States could only mobilize a small country (to vote) with them,’ the foreign minister tweeted.

The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his anger and said, ‘The Security Council’s failure to act decisively in defense of international peace and security is inexcusable.’

The current arms embargo on Iran will expire on October 18th, 2020. Russia and China also opposed the arms embargo and China’s United Nations’ mission tweeted, ‘The result shows again that unilateralism enjoys no support and bullying will fail.’

Germany ambassador, Gunter Dautter said that more consultations are needed before they could agree on an arms embargo on Iran. Hours before the vote, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin carried out an emergency video summit with United States, Britain, Germany, China, France and Iran to discuss tensions in the Gulf and to avoid any further escalations in the area.

The United States is expected that to force the return of United Nations sanctions on Iran, by using a controversial technique known as ‘snap back’. This technique involves putting a hardline draft that most countries are expected to reject in am effort to destroy Iran’s nuclear deal.

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