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North Korea held a night time military parade.

Image Credit:AP

On Saturday, before dawn, North Korea held a military parade. The night time parade marked the 75th anniversary of the workers’ party. No foreign journalists were allowed in to report the military parade, so journalists were relying on edited state-media footage of the parade. The last time the parade was aired live was in 2017. After that year, North Korea stopped broadcasting the parade live, and instead provided an edited footage of the parade.

For several weeks satellite imagery revealed thousands of North Korean soldiers practicing for the military parade, which is considered a huge event in North Korea. The event is usually considered as an opportunity for North Korea to show its latest weapons to the World, but since the summit they had with US President Donald Trump in 2018, they did not feature their latest ballistic missiles in the parade. Experts believe that this year, from the images they analyzed, it was evident that intercontinental ballistic missiles were used.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jung Un was seen wearing a grey suit, where he than gave a 25 minute speech. He said that the military will be further strengthened for ‘self-defence and deference’. He also said that he is satisfied that North Korea has no cases of coronavirus. He continued by saying,

I wish good health to all the people around the world who are fighting the ills of this evil virus.

North Korea leader Kim Jung Un

North Korea closed its borders to the rest of the world on January. The North Korean authorities issued a ‘shoot-to-kill’ order on anyone trying to enter the country. Recently, a South Korean official tried to defect to North Korea on a boat, but was found clinging to a floatable device. The North Korean patrol boat approached the man, and the soldiers wearing gas masks and protective gear, opened fire on the defector. They than poured oil on his body, and set it on fire.

Analysts believe that regardless of how many restrictions there are in the country, it is highly unlikely that there have been no cases of coronavirus. Analysts also noted that the North Korean people were not wearing any masks, and this includes Kim Jung Un.

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