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Three French Police officers dead and one injured in a shooting in central France.

Image Credit: Olivier Chassignole/AFP/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, several police officers responded to a disturbance in Puy-de-Dome in West Lyon. Initially, police officers went to the scene to help a woman who had been beaten by her 48-year old husband.

When the police officers arrived to the scene, the 48-year old man shot at the officers, killing one, while they were trying to save the woman who went into hiding on the roof of the house. The suspect than set the house on fire. Soon afterwards, several other police officials arrived to the scene, and were caught in gunfire. Two other police officers were killed in the crossfire with the suspect.

Currently, there are elite tactical police officers and firefighters in the area, but the suspect has been found dead in car in an apparent suicide. The interior minister said that the first Gendarmerie killed in the attack was Brig Arno Mavel, 21. The other two police officers that died in the second incident were Lt. Cyrille Morel, 45 and Adjutant Remi Dupuis, 37. Several other police officers were also injured.

The French President tweeted early morning where he explained the risk the French security forces face to protect France and are ‘our heroes’. He extended his condolences to the families, friends and colleagues in the Gendarmerie.

The Prime Minister of France, Jean Castex also expressed his sadness and expressed condolences to the families. He said that this tragedy affects the whole country and he said said that he has unwavering support to the loved ones and brother in arms of the officers killed.

The injured police officer was shot in the leg. He was sent to hospital but he is not in any risk of losing his life.

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