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Explosion in Berlin- Marienfelde.

Representative Image. Image Credit: Phys.Org

On Friday morning, two unknown perpetrators blew up an ATM in Marienfelde. The two suspects entered the chamber where the ATM of the bank was in Hildburghauser Strasse at around 3.15 a.m. They first attempted to open one ATM device but where unsuccessful, and than they went to a second device where they put explosives on it. The explosion opened the ATM machine and they fled with lots of cash.

Police opened an investigation to determine exactly what happened and they are still searching for these perpetrators. No injuries were reported in the explosion. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in Germany. Last year, the Explosives Clearance Service Defence (EODD) had to respond for 237 reports of explosives used on ATM machines.

More details to follow.

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