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Tropical storm Elsa kills one in Florida.

Image Credit: Octavio Jones/Reuters

On Wednesday, the weakened tropical storm Elsa (was downgraded to a storm from a hurricane) made landfall in Florida where it killed at least one person and injured 10 in a Georgia base. Reports claimed that the 10 people injured was due to a tornado that struck a campground navy base in southeast Georgia. Authorities said that the person killed in Florida was due to a tree that fell on two cars during heavy rains.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the tropical storm Elsa had winds of 45 mph, nine hours after in made landfall in Florida’s northern Gulf Coast. The storm was passing over East Georgia on Thursday at 2am. Now it will move over Georgia by Thursday morning where it will reach South Carolina and North Carolina later in the day. By Thursday night, the storm will pass near the East Mid-Atlantic states and on Friday it will reach northeastern United States.

More details to follow.

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