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Palestinians attach a Nazi flag to electrical cables near Hebron; IDF soldiers shot the flag down.

Image Credit: Instagram

On Saturday, a group of Palestinian protesters hung a Nazi flag showing the swastika symbol in the village of Beit Ummar near Hebron, Palestine. They attached the flag to electrical cables close to a post where Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were stationed. This is not the first time that Palestinians used Nazi flags to protest against IDF actions in the West Bank and Gaza. Last August Palestinians set fire to a structure in the shape of a star of David with the Nazi swastika in the center in the town of Beita, to protest the illegal Israeli outpost in the West Bank.

The IDF soldiers immediately started shooting on the Swastika until the flag fell down. This comes amid rising tensions between Israel and Palestinians. Yesterday, a  27-year-old Palestinian man was killed during clashes with Israeli soldiers near the West Bank. Another eight Palestinians were also injured by rubber-coated bullets.

This also comes amid recent US approval of $1 billion in funding to Israel to bolster its ‘Iron Dome’ missile defence systems. The bill which was passed by 420 votes to 9 will allow Israel to replace all the missile interceptors Israel used to block rockets and missile during last May’s conflict with Palestinians which saw 253 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes and 12 Israelis. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett thanked the US for the support in passing the bill.

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