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Cyclone Shaheen to move towards Oman coast in the next 24 hours- UAE urges its citizens to avoid beaches.

Image Credit: Zoom Earth

Cyclone Shaheen is expected to move towards Oman’s coast over the next 24 hours. According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), the cyclone is currently located in Northwest of the Arabian Sea at latitude 24.3 North and longitude 60.9 East. In the center of the cyclone, NCM recorded the speed of the strong winds ranging between 116 to 150 km per hour. The speed of the cyclone’s movement is 11km/hr towards west-northwest of the Arabian Sea.

The incoming cyclone prompted Omani authorities to declare a two-day shutdown for both the private and public sectors on October 3rd and 4th while the cyclone is over the country. Most of the schools will also be closed, except in Dhofar and Al Wusta where the cyclone is not expected to have an effect. All buses and ferry services will also cease operation during the shutdown.

The weekend has been announced in the interests of protecting citizens. The Civil Aviation Authority advises to take precautions in the next two days and not leave the shelter, unless the situation requires it.

Omani Government statement on national television.

NCM forecasted that based on its current trajectory, the cyclone will move over Oman’s coasts during the next 24 hours, and than by Sunday afternoon and evening it will affect some regions of the country.

This would especially be prevalent in the Eastern regions, which include Al Ain and the southern regions and extending towards some central regions, where convective clouds will increase, associated with rains of different intensity that lead to the flash flooding in the valleys and torrents and water will accumulate over some low areas.

NCM official.

Oman authorities urged its coastal residents to leave their homes and head to emergency shelters as soon as possible. Meanwhile, United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities urged its citizens and visitors to avoid valleys, beaches, dams, mountainous and also low-lying regions as it is expected to be affected by the cyclone.

Avoid valleys, low-lying areas, and places experiencing torrential flow. The rain will lead to torrential flow in valleys, and it is expected that water could collect in some low-lying areas. The winds are active to strong, and they raise dust resulting in reduced horizontal visibility, especially with cumulus clouds accompanied by lightning and thunder sometimes


Residents have been urged to follow news and information being broadcasted on the official social media channels and said that the country is very well prepared for any effects caused by cyclone Shaheen. Oman authorities expect that when the cyclone strikes in the morning the strength of the winds will range between 55 to 111km/hr, and waves to rise between 3 to 5 metres. The cyclone is expected to leave Oman and United Arab Emirates on Monday.

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