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Trump to declare national emergency to secure funding for the wall.


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The US president, Donald Trump, is expected to sign a spending bill to keep the US from another government shutdown, but will subsequently declare a national emergency to bypass congress and secure funding for the border wall. The national emergency, when declared, will allow the US president to secure $8 billion for the border wall. Reported first by ABC news, this $8 billion funding will be obtained this way:

  • Around $1.375 billion is said to be obtained from Homeland Security appropriations bills. While it cannot be used for the wall itself, due to the writing of the bill, it can be used for building other types of border barriers.
  • Around $600 million will be obtained from the Treasury Department’s drug forfeiture fund. Will be obtained from an executive action.
  • Around $2.5 billion is said to be secured from the Defense Department’s drug interdiction program. Will be obtained from an executive action.
  • Around $3.5 billion from the Defense Department’s military construction budget. This funding can only be used in case of a national emergency.

The senate passed the spending bill by a vote of 83-16, while in the house of representatives, the vote was passed by 300 votes against 128.

Nancy Pelosi and at least one liberal non-profit group are known to consider filing a legal challenge against the declaration of a national emergency. Both Republican senators ,Marco Rubio and Roy Blunt, expressed unease about the declaration of national emergency.

Both the signing of the spending bill and the declaration of the national emergency are expected to happen before the end of the day on Friday.



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