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Leicester could face lockdown after a surge of cases

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The UK government is considering to implement the first local lockdown after a surge in cases in Leicester. Many of the cases seem to be concentrated in the east area of Leicester, with schools and shops already closed down.The legislation for the lockdown is currently being analyzed by the health secretary, Matt Hancock. Around 1046 cases were reported in Leicester in 10 days, till 26th June. Priti Patel confirmed on BBC, that the government is indeed considering the lockdown.

There are some that are finding the implementation of the lockdown too slow. A Leicester MP, Claudia Webbe, is pushing for a faster implementation of the local lockdown as she said, ‘ It is 10 days since Matt Hancock announced the outbreak’.She also said, ‘The figures I have seen from the testing stations show the rate of infections has not been going down’.’In my view, we need to go back to the standard of lockdown we had at the beginning’, she concluded.


  1. Great post. Lockdown is just one answer. I think we can still reopen but maybe this time fine people for violating not wearing mask or social distancing . There has to be a form of accountability for being a part of the problem.

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