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Israel daily number of COVID-19 cases hits a new record.

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On Wednesday, Israel’s Health Ministry reported that there were 2,104 new cases over the past 24 hours. This is the highest number ever to be registered since the pandemic began.

Israel once hailed a success story in the fight against the coronavirus, is now under pressure from the surge of coronavirus cases and the economic crisis. Back in Mid-May, Israel’s daily number of cases was in double digits, but things changed when restrictions were lifted.

Initially, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was praised for his initial response and prompt lockdown. This all changed after the reopening of the economy after cases surged and the damage to the economy was assessed. Citizens are now protesting, the Prime Minister’s mishandling of the virus, and the economy. Several businesses did not receive the promised aid, leaving them with no money to pay their employees. The current unemployment levels are at 20% and protests are occurring daily. Read more about this here:

On Tuesday night, anti-government protesters who were protesting against police brutality claimed to have been attacked by far-right protesters. While they were attacked by the far-right group wielding weapons, police failed to respond when protesters asked for help.

Since the pandemic began, Israel registered 67,734 cases and 491 deaths.

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