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Massive fire reported in Ajman, UAE.

Image Credit: Via social media

On Wednesday night, a massive fire reportedly struck a market in Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The market known as Irani Market, is located 30 miles from Dubai. Around 96 firefighters were dispatched to the scene, and brought the fire under control after 4 hours. No deaths or injuries were reported.

People working at the neighbouring markets told reporters that the fire quickly engulfed the market. Thick black plumes of smoke were seen coming from the area. As a precautionary measure, the nearby Ajman Specialty Hospital was evacuated.Due to the pandemic, the market was closed and few people were nearby.

Civil defense authorities reported that a total of 125 shops were destroyed, resulting in a loss of millions of dollars. The goods that were stored in the market stalls, included materials such as sponge and cotton. One of the shop owners, Sameer Billipalankandy,owns Al Wahaj Blanket and Mattress trading. He said , ‘It was our second-home. We have spent decades of our life doing business in the market. Everything we own is gone.’

Shamsudheen, another businessman said, ‘We feared there would be a shortage of commodities and a disruption of imports in the market due to COVID-19. So, many of us had purchased more stock than usual and saved it in the warehouse. We have lost all that.’

The shop owners are asking local authorities for support


  1. Such a beautiful planet that so many are determined to destroy. Even as a child I was saddened by reports of space exploration when we refuse to care for the planet we have. That sadness is now combined with a healthy rage at those who are determined to eradicate our species and any others that will die off as “collateral damage”.


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