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Chile voted for a new constitution.

Image Credit: Ivan Alvarado/Reuters

Chile voted overwhelmingly for a new constitution on Sunday’s vote, which will replace their dictatorship-era constitution of Augusto Pinochet. Around 90% of the votes have been counted so far and 78% voted for a new constitution.

Many believed that the outdated constitution that focused on privatization, was the reason for the economic and social inequality problems that has plagued Chile for several decades. The Sunday’s result was met by a huge celebration, as people went to the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship’s constitution.

President Sebastian Pinera accepted the result and said,

It is the beginning of a path that we must all walk together.

Chile President Sebastian Pinera

Most voted towards a new constitution to be drafted by a convention made up entirely of elected people. A 155- member convention must now be voted in by April 2021, and have till April 2022 to draft a new constitution.

Until now, the constitution has divided us. From today we must all work together so that the new constitution is the great framework of unity, stability and future.

Chile President Sebastian Pinera

The Sunday vote marks a year since a huge protest was held in Santiago, when around a million people took to the streets to protest the country’s social inequality and economic problems. The country will now enter a new era.

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