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United Arab Emirates reports 1,172 new cases.

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On Friday, United Arab Emirates (UAE) reported 1,172 new cases and 2 deaths. Around 143,336 tests were done over the last 24 hours, putting the number of tests done since the beginning of the pandemic to 13 million.

There were 1,500 recoveries and UAE reported that it achieved a 96.7% recovery rate, and a mortality of 0.5%. The aggressive measures taken by the government, including widened testing to detect asymptomatic patients helped the recovery rate to increase significantly.

On Thursday, Dr.Dirar Abdullah, consultant and chair of internal medicine at Prime Hospital said,

The numbers in UAE seem to have stabilized, eanging between 1,300 and 1,500. Most of the patients are now either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms and in just a matter of 10 days, they are considered non-infectious and are on their road to recovery. We have also seen many critically-ill patients spring back to life, thanks to the UAE government that has given the healthcare sector the infrastructure and resources needed to provide these patients best medical care. We now have the expertise, best equipment such as ventilators in abundance and the right medication.

Dr. Dirar Abdullah

As of Friday, UAE reported a total of 131,508 cases and 490 deaths since the pandemic began.

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