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Joe Biden wins the election.

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A surprising election, most experts did not believe that it would be that close. This election was marked by a drastic increase in mail-in voting, also known as absentee voting or vote-by-mail. This was due to the coronavirus pandemic to avoid people from getting close to each other. Joe Biden’s supporters said that they would more likely to vote using mail, while Donald Trump’s supporters said that they would more likely vote by person.

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Most experts believed that Donald Trump would lose, but they never thought it would take this long, and actually thought Biden would win by a larger margin. This election had the highest voter turnout in a century, after more than 100 million people voted.

An election with razor thin margins that separated both leaders, and pressure being mounted by President Donald Trump to stop vote counting, this election was like no other. Trump repeatedly claimed that the Democrats are trying to steal the election, without evidence, and also claimed victory on Wednesday morning. Joe Biden on the other hand, urged people to be patient, and on Wednesday he said that they are on the path to victory. On Friday, Joe Biden managed to lead in Pennsylvania, a state where Trump was initially leading by a wide margin. The state has 20 electoral college votes. The gap between Biden and Trump started to decrease on Wednesday as more votes were being counted. On Wednesday, Biden also managed to win Wisconsin and Michigan, which helped him extend his lead over Donald Trump. On Saturday, Biden won Pennsylvania, winning him the election with 273 electoral collage votes versus 214 of Donald Trump. The vice-president of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris will be the first female vice-president in US history.

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Joe Biden tweeted about his honorable victory, where he said that he will be a President for all Americans.

Results for the Senate and House are still coming out, but it looks like the senate is tied, while the House will be under the democrats again.


  1. And now the 2nd American Civil War will begin.

    Something that the mainstream Marxist media and the Neo-Maoist social media tech-giants never saw coming along with most political commentators in the U.S.

    That’s because these 21st Century Neo-Bolsheviks have a tendency to view the world with rosy-hued glasses.

    A problem that the more pragmatic original Bolsheviks of Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky never had.

    China’s evil genius Xi Jinping is probably aware that a 2nd American Civil War will happen but he doesn’t care.

    The CCP and their vision of the world will come to pass anyways whether a Communist dictatorship under Biden-Harris peacefully takes office in January 2021 (which is very unlikely to happen) or a bloody 2nd American Civil War is fought that will be even bloodier than the first and even bloodier than the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-90 (which is very likely to happen).

    The 21st Century has had its 1453 Fall of Constantinople moment in November 2020 and like that 1453 Fall of Constantinople, the world will never be the same again.


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