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United Arab Emirates reports 1,141 cases.

Image Credit: Reuters

On Saturday, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention reported 1,141 cases and four deaths. There were 672 recoveries.

As from Sunday, November 8, to enter UAE, one has to present a negative Polymerse Chain Reaction (PCR) test or diffractive phase interferometry laser test result. Travellers entering, must enter UAE within 48 hours of them having a negative COVID-19 test. Travellers that stay more than 4 days, would have to take another COVID-19 test, as every four days, a negative COVID-19 test has to be submitted. So if a traveller intends to stay in UAE for 8 days, he or she would have to take the test on the 4th and 8th day.

The UAE also announced that any fake information or rumors about COVID-19 will be punishable by the full extent of the law. The country has enacted an online law, to protect citizens from false information. Recently, five men that made up a story about five members of the Emirati family dying of COVID-19, were imprisoned for two years.

The authorities also announced that their PCR COVID-19 testing stations will now accept walk-in customers.

As of Saturday, UAE reported a total of 141,032 cases and 514 deaths since the pandemic began.

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