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Container ship loses 2,000 containers enroute to California.

Image Credit: John Koh

A container ship, ONE Apus, lost 2,000 containers en-route to California from Yantian in China. The container ship hit a massive storm in the Pacific Ocean. The ship intended to make a brief stop in Japan for assessment. The ship is managed by NYK Ship management of Japan, and owned by Chidori Ship Holdings.

The stormy weather forced the ship to roll, dislodging thousands of containers. The number of containers lost is a record since only around 1,382 containers have been lost in the sea every year over the past 12 years. A statement has been released by the company

It is estimated that the number of lost or damaged units could exceed 1,900, of which some 40 are believed to be dangerous goods containers.

NYK Shipmanagement statement.

In 2019, container ships transported 226 million containers according to the shipping body. ONE Apus will arrive in Kobe port in Japan on December 7 or 8.

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