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Elected Brazilian Mayor enters intensive care.

Image Credit: Manguito Vilela/Twitter

Manguito Vilela was elected Mayor in Goiânia, the tenth largest city in Brazil. The mayor was admitted to the hospital back in October due to COVID-19 and has since remained in the hospital, but his condition worsened when he had to be intubated just before the first round election on November 15. Most of last month, the mayor was in an induced coma due to the severity of his coronavirus infection.

A news website G1 released a statement after his victory,

We appreciate the voters for electing Maguito Vilela. All of Maguito’s plan will be executed over the next four years, and he will be by our side.

G1 News Website

The mayor has yet to find out that he was elected mayor in the city of Goiânia. He managed to obtain 52.6% of the vote in the city of 1.5 million. Another politician, a former senator from the Brazilian Democratic Movement party, Vilela also tested positive for the virus back in October. He was also intubated a week later, on October 30 at Sao Paolo’s Albert Einstein Hospital, but he managed to recover and was removed from the ventilator on November 8, and eventually from the hospital on November 15. He managed to progress to a second- round against Vanderlan Cardoso of the Social Democratic party.

This shows the rapid spread of the virus in the largest country in South America. Brazil is the third worst hit country in the world, with deaths surpassing 175,000 and around 6,500,000 cases since the pandemic began.

On Thursday, a shipment of 600 litres of coronavirus vaccine arrived in Sao Paolo. It is the second batch to arrive, but still requires the approval of the federal health regulator, Anvisa, before it can be used. Two weeks ago, 120,000 doses were received. Sao Paolo governor said that around 6 million doses will be received by the end of this month, and another 40 million will be received by January 15.

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