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Chemical tank explosion in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Image Credit: skynews

On Thursday morning, a huge chemical tank explosion occurred at a water recycling center in Bristol. Multiple casualties were reported, but the number has not been disclosed yet. Helicopters have been deployed to search for the missing workers. The police confirmed that there were workers on top of the chemical tank shortly before exploding. This explosion is being treated as a major incident.

Police immediately cordoned off the whole area to help ambulances and fire department carry out their work. Witnesses saw around ten ambulances heading to the area.

Chief Inspector Mark Runacres said in a statement,

A cordon has been set up and we’d advise members of the public to avoid the area at this time where possible to allow the emergency services to carry out their work.

Chief Inspector Mark Runacres.

The Avon Fire and Rescue received the call for help at 11.22am, and upon arriving on site confirmed multiple casualties. A statement by the fire department was released shortly.

Crews from Avonmouth, Southmead, Yate, Patchway, Kingswood and Temple are currently attending. We can confirm there are multiple casualties on site.

Avon Fire and Rescue

A investigation has been launched to determine the cause that led to the huge explosion in the chemical tank.

Officers remain at the scene and are likely to be for some time as we work together with other agencies in dealing with this major incident.

Chief Inspector Mark Runacres.

UPDATE – Four have lost their lives in the explosion.

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