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Explosion near Liege train station, Belgium.

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Belgian authorities reported that an explosion occurred just before noon near the Liege train station in Rue de Fragnee, in the city of Liege. The explosion injured seven people, five of which had to be pulled from under the rubble by the people that were present at the moment of the explosion.

In less than ten minutes, emergency workers immediately workers arrived at the site. They had difficulty removing at least one person from the rubble. The last person was removed from the rubble around 40 minutes after the explosion took place, with minor injuries. Police cordoned off the roads that lead to the site of explosion and evacuated the residents in neighboring buildings.

Most of the injured suffered minor injuries such as black eye and minor burns, but there were other victims that suffered severe burns, and are in critical condition in hospital. According to some sources, the cause of the explosion was a gas leak, but more detailed information is required to confirm this information. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the explosion.

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