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WHO coronavirus experts to visit China on Thursday.

Image Credit: Naohiko Hatta/EPA

China is now allowing World Health Organization (WHO) scientists to enter China to study the origin of coronavirus in Wuhan, a year after the pandemic began. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian confirmed that the WHO experts will visit the country on January 14th

Initially, China refused entry to the WHO coronavirus experts sparking anger among several countries and the WHO director Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Two scientists were already en-route to China when they got refused. China said that it was a misunderstanding, but many were fearing that China was thwarting the investigation to make it look like they are not responsible for the spread of the virus. Last year, Chinese authorities attempted to put doubt on the real origin of the virus. Chinese authorities were claiming that the first coronavirus cases originated in other countries rather than Wuhan, but this claim was refused by the international community. Many scientists and experts believe that the virus originated from bats in Wuhan.

This mission is very important and is being described as of great political significance, a year after the pandemic started, devastating the World’s economy and killed nearly 2 million people. The WHO team of experts will work alongside Chinese scientists to determine the exact origins of the virus, but first they will have to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival.

Recently, China is experiencing an unusual surge in coronavirus cases, prompting them to lock-down several cities. They reported 103 cases today, 82 were from the Hebei province. Even though it is a small number in comparison to most countries around the World, China number of cases were in double digits for several months. This is the first time China reported more than 100 cases since July.

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