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China to build another rocket launch site.

Image Credit: Xinhua/Guo Cheng

China is planning to build its fifth rocket launch site in the Eastern China. An engineering company located in Zhejiang province won a tender to build the launch site in Ningbo city, as China is aiming to have a constellation of satellites

As part of the Zhejiang government’s infrastructure, the city of Ningbo will invest around $3 billion into the project. The launch site will be able to allow up to 100 missions a year.

Last year, China launched 39 rockets, which also includes an unmanned probe to Mars. China is expected to launch around 40 rockets this year, as they are increasingly building space infrastructure. The country is aiming to have more commercial satellites which will help them to deliver services such as high-speed internet and tracking coal shipments.

Global Times reported that in the coming years, China is expected to have thousands of low-Earth orbit satellites.

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