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Explosion in a mine in North China kills nine.

China mine explosion

Image Credit: EPA-EFE

Chinese officials said on Friday that an explosion occurred in a mine containing expired mining explosives.

The explosion occurred in Hebei province. Nine people were killed and three others injured. The workers were in the mine to destroy the explosives, which became unstable and unsafe to use. A Beijing-based coal mining company was revealed to have stored the explosives in the mine.

The Chicheng county government said that an investigation has been launched to determine the exact cause of the mine explosion, amid a push in improving safety standards in mines all around China. The country has a bad record in mine safety, with a high number of mine explosions occurring annually. China has already increased supervision in an attempt to improve the safety for mine workers, but with increased demand for raw materials like coal, safety standards are sometimes not followed.

Last January, ten workers died in a gold mine in Shangdong after an explosion caused the mine to cave-in. The next month another gold mine explosion killed two workers.

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