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Tag: Accident

Explosion in Kentucky, USA.

Image Credit: KOLN On Wednesday afternoon, there were multiple reports of a nitrogen explosion at the Dippin’ Dots facility in Paducah, Kentucky. Ten people were injured in the accident, but […]

Bus crash in Bolivia.

Image Credit: Twitter On Monday, a bus crash in a ravine Bolivia resulted in at least 34 casaulties. Death toll was initially 24 deaths but after 12 houts of non-stop […]

Massive fire in a Bangladesh factory.

Image Credit: Munir Uz zaman AFP Three people have been killed and 30 injured in a massive blaze that engulfed a Bangladesh factory Rupganj, an industrial town outside Dhaka, about […]

Pipeline explosion kills three in Iran.

Image Credit: Mehr News On Tuesday, a gas leak led to an explosion in a pipeline pumping station killing three workers and injuring four. The accident, which took place in […]