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A 5.6-magnitude earthquake strikes Gorontalo, Indonesia.

Image Credit: BMKG

A few hours ago a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck 158km east of Gorontalo, Indonesia in Molucca Sea at 2.23am UTC at a depth of 72km.

As is usual the exact magnitude, epicenter, and depth of the quake might be revised in the next few hours as seismologists review their data. Based on preliminary data the earthquake should not have caused any significant damage.

The earthquake was most likely felt in Tomohon (pop.27,600) 148km away, Tondano (pop.33,300) 151km away, Gorontalo (pop.144,200) 158km away, Manado (pop.451,900) 167km away, Bitung (pop.137,400) 169km away, Luwuk (pop.47,800) 211km away, Ternate (pop.101,700) 342km away, Sofifi (pop.36,200) 360km away, Kendari (pop.195,000) 495km away and Ambon city (pop.355,600) 592km away.

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