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Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth entered the Philippine sea.

Image Credit: Twitter account HMS Queen Elizabeth

The Royal Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth have transited through the Luzon Strait and entered the Philippines Sea with its task force according to its official Twitter account.

Recently, the carrier strike group CSG21 headed by HMS Queen Elizabeth transited through the South China Sea in a message of defiance to the Chinese government that is repeatedly harassing foreign ships that enter the sea. China claims practically the whole 1.3 million square miles of the sea and is building military bases on artifical islands in an attempt to reinforce its sovereignty claim. The UK has joined other countries in navigating through the South China Sea to carry out freedom of navigation operations also as a show of strength.

The UK aircraft carrier recently conducted complex maritime interactions with the Indian Navy before it headed to the Philippine Sea. It is a historic moment for the UK as the carrier travelled 10,000 miles so far since it left Portsmouth port. In the Philippine sea, the CSG21 is expected to conduct several multinational exercises with global allies this month. By the end of this month, the UK will permanently assign two offshore patrol vessels in the region.

More details to follow.

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