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Meteor explodes over the skies of Izmir, turning the sky green.

Image Credit: Twitter account Ehsan Elahi

On Monday night, a meteor exploded over Izmir, Turkey turning the sky green for a few seconds. The fascinating explosion was filmed by thousands of people as they saw the spectacular explosion.

Many, as one would expect, started proposing their theories of what it actually be ranging from UFOs to a weapon shot from a satellite. These theories were immediately shot down by the Turkish astrophysics professor Dr Hasan Ali Dal who said meteorites commonly hit the region. In fact, around 50 meteors actually strike Earth between July and August, an event known as the ‘Perseid Meteor Shower’. Upon entry into our atmosphere the meteorite heats up and than explodes. Most of the time, there will be no remnants of the meteorite.

More details to follow.

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