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Several arrested in Turkey over forest fires in several cities.

Forest fires in Antalya. Image Credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

On Thursday in Muğla’s Milas district three suspects were arrested over their involvement in forest fires. The region was devastated by wildfires that lasted nine days. Several locals reported that they saw four people throw molotiv cocktails to olive groves. The fire was contained and extinguished by the locals themselves.

The suspects than fled towards Izmir, where they stopped and arrested when they arrived at the city’s entrance according to BirGün newspaper. The suspects were than taken to the gendarmerie outpost in Milas. Three were arrested while the fourth was released on judicial control.

In another region, three people were also arrested in Muğla’s tourist favourite Bodrum district for causing a forest fire after they threw cigarette buts out of their moving car. Police managed to trace back the fire caused to the cigarette buts they threw, and quickly found the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, in Antalya, police arrested a minor after they discovered a videos and photos of a forest fire in his mobile phone. He was arrested earlier this week, and another minor testified against him and explained how the fire was caused.

More details to follow.

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