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Tag: forestfires

State of Emergency in Colorado.

Image Credit: Twitter account Knitsrose A state of emergency has been declared by the Governor of Colorado after heavy winds as high as 100mph is fueling fast moving fires spreading […]

Several people dead in Algerian wildfires.

Image Credit: Reuters Forest fires in Algeria claimed more lives on Tuesday, after 18 military men lost their lives on Monday night. On Tuesday, 42 people, including 25 soldiers deployed […]

Greece battling forest fires.

Image Credit: AFP On Sunday, firefighters continued its operation to contain a large forest fire that broke out on Saturday near Patras in Peloponnese, Greece’s third largest city. So far, […]

Wildfires raging in Russia.

Image Credit: Pierre Markuse Twitter. Russia’s Chelyabinsk region near Kazakhstan and north-eastern Siberia has been hit by a huge forest fires after the region experienced abnormally high temperatures similiar to […]