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Israel requests foreign aid to fight forest fires.

Image Credit: Twitter

Israel is requesting aid from Mediterranean countries to help them in combating a massive forest fire which continued to spread on multiple fronts west of Jerusalem for the second day. The spread of this wildfire towards nearby towns was aided by the strong winds on Monday afternoon, forcing hundreds of local residents from Kibbutz Tsuba, Sho’eva, Givat Ye’arim, Ein Rafa and Ein Naqquba to evacuate their homes.

In a press statement, the Fire Chief Insp.-Gen. Dedi Simchi said that this fire has burned nearly 20,000 dunams of land, comparable to the Carmel fire ehich burned huge swathe of land back in 2010 killing 44 people. Luckily, very few houses were burned and there are no casualties.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry asked help from Italy, France, Cyprus and Greece. Fire Chief Simchi asked Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to request more firefighting planes from Mediterranean countries as soon as possible. Greece have suffered and are still suffering from huge wildfires and received aid from Israel recently, but Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias said that they will still try to help.

More details to follow.

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