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Several people dead in Algerian wildfires.

Image Credit: Reuters

Forest fires in Algeria claimed more lives on Tuesday, after 18 military men lost their lives on Monday night. On Tuesday, 42 people, including 25 soldiers deployed to help put out the blaze lost their lives in the mountainous Kabylie region east of the capital where it all started.

The Interior Minister Kamel Beldjoud accused arsonists of causing the fire on Monday night which has resulted in 50 wildfires across several localities.

Only criminal hands can be behind the simultaneous outbreak of about 50 fires across several localities.

Interior Minister Kamel Beldjoud.

Soldiers were killed in different areas. There were some that got trapped while trying to contain the fire. A number of houses burned down. Firefighters are trying their best to contain all the wildfires. The interior minister said that the priority is to prevent further loss of life and will compensate those affected.

More details to follow.

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