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Explosion on a ship docked in Latakia, Syria.

Image Credit: Twitter

On Tuesday afternoon, local sources said that an explosion occured in a commercial ship docked in Latakia, Syria. The ship was undergoing maintenance. According to, which tracks storsge and shipment of crude oil reported that the vessel affected was named WISDOM. The merchant ship was being used to transfer Iranian oil to Syria.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), several people died in the explosion. Two people were injured and rushed to the hospital. There is not yet any information as to what caused the explosion but the vessel has a history of accidents. Back in April, the oil tanker was attacked by a drone, but was later denied by both Syrian and Iranian media, instead claiming it to be a fire. The next month, another fire broke out on the vessel, which according to SANA was due to a technical failure in one of the engines.

The Latakia firefighting department said that the fire has been contained. This comes amid tensions in the Gulf of Oman between Israel and Iran, after several attacks on several ships in recent months. Israel and Iran are believed to have been targeting each other. In the most recent attack Iran is believed to have launched a drone strike killing two people onboard an Israeli ship. The city of Latakia, which is the fifth largest city of Syria which is a war-torn country is also home to a Russian airbase, Khmeimim Air Base.

More details to follow.

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