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French intelligence reveals ISIS members in Kabul airport.

Image Credit: AFP via Getty Images

French intelligence have revealed a potential security threat to all foreigners heading to Kabul airport, as Islamic State (ISIS) members have managed to enter the airport.

The US embassy already issued a ‘possible security threat’ outside Kabul airport and warned its citizens to avoid going to the airport. There are still around 15,000 US citizens in Afghanistan waiting for evacuation.

Image Credit: US Embassy in Afghanistan

Contrary to what US President Joe Biden said, the Pentagon said that there are Al Qaeda soldiers in Afghanistan blocking several roads leading to Kabul airport. Among the chaos, terrorist groups flourish, and the French intelligence reports of ISIS members in Kabul airport, that will only make the evacuation harder than it already is. The Taliban are not on good terms with ISIS. In fact, they despise them and this week they executed Omar Khorasani, former head of Islamic State in South Asia. Recently, when the Taliban took over the Al-Bagram prison they released everyone except ISIS members.


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