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HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in South Korea.

Image Credit: HMS Queen Elizabeth Twitter

The Royal Navy’s Flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth along with its support ships that form part of the carrier strike group (CSG21), arrived in South Korea.

Last week the UK aircraft carrier participated in a series of multinational exercises where US and Japanese ships also participated. Naval vessels of Japan, UK and USA conducted military exercises in the Pacific since last month in support of large-scale Global Exercise (LSGE) 21. The latter is regionally focused, and is a global command and control exercise that aims to enhance the integration of the US and its allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific.

The CSG 21 headed by HMS Queen Elizabeth will now participate in naval military exercises with South Korea. On Monday August 30th, United States announced that it will not participate. The mililtary exercise will now be a bilateral one. The UK and South Korean navy will conduct the planned exercises shortly.

More details to follow.

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