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HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Japan.

Image Credit: HMS Queen Elizabeth Twitter page

The Royal Navy’s flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth along along with its support ships that form part of the carrier strike group (CSG21) arrived in Yokosuka, Japan hours ago. The UK aircraft carrier arrived in South Korea five days ago where it than held naval exercise with the South Korean navy. The UK aircraft carrier traversed through Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Aden, South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Strait of Malacca as part of its 28-week deployment. It left Portsmouth port in May 22nd and has now reached the end of its deployment.

The commander of the CSG21, Commodore Steve Moorhouse, spoke about the arrival in Yokosuka, Japan in a video uploaded on the CSG21 Twitter page, where he said,

The interaction is part of the United Kingdom’s commitment to strengthen our diplomatic, economic and security ties in the Indo-Pacific and will take the United Kingdom’s and Japan’s enduring relationship to a whole new level. With Japan, and other like minded countries in the region, the United Kingdom, is committed to upholding democratic values and tackling shared threats.

Commodore Steve Moorhouse

The CSG21 commander also said that they will conduct a joint naval drill with the Japanese navy in the coming days with the aim of enhancing UK-Japan relations.

We look forward to leading our diverse programme of joint training with the Japan Self-Defence Force. There will be discussion with leaders of Japan, as well as engagement with defence, business and other sectors of Japanese security.

Commodore Steve Moorhouse

More details to follow.

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