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A massive cyberattack cripples Iranian gas stations.

Image Credit: AP

On Tuesday, a massive cyberattack struck Iranian gas stations causing them to malfunction, resembling July’s cyber attack. Iran frequently gets attacked by cyberattacks, most of them being blamed on Israel.

According to some reports, messages were posted in some hacked systems addressing Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In the message, the hackers ask him, ‘where is the gas?’. The timing is considered essential, as it is around two years since there were nationwide protests due to gas shortages in fall 2019.

Due to the malfunction, long queues of motorists ended up stranded at shuttered stations. According to State TV, Oil Ministry officials are in an emergency meeting to remedy the situation. According to ISNA news agency, anyone that attempted to buy fuel with a government-issued card got a message reading ‘cyber attack 64411’, mirroring an attack on Iranian’s railways’ system last July.

More details to follow.

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