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Five wounded Ukrainian soldiers airlifted to Ireland.

Image Credit: Irish Examiner

Five Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the war against the Russian army were airlifted to Ireland this weekend. According to Irish Examiner, three Ukrainian soldiers were flown in today afternoon. Two have been sent to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, while the other was sent to University Hospital Galway. The two other soldiers were airlifted to Ireland last Friday and are being treated in Cork University Hospital. The wounded soldiers were transferred from Ukrainian field hospitals to Poland before they were eventually airlifted to Ireland.

This is the first time that Ireland is treating wounded Ukrainian soldiers in the Ukraine-Russia war. The transfers were coordinated by the Health Service Executive (HSE), National Ambulance Service and the European Union. It forms part of an EU project that was set up in 2001 to provide support to EU countries that need health services support when their health services have been overwhelmed.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath disagreed with the aid being given to Ukrainian soldiers as he said it is ‘clearly taking sides’.

While we have to act in a humanitarian way, this is clearly taking sides in the war. This is a step too far.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath

Others such as  Independent TD and former soldier Cathal Berry welcomed the transfers.

Thousands of Irish citizens travel abroad for medical treatment every year under the EU Cross Border Directive. Also, dozens of Irish doctors have trained in medical schools in Ukraine in recent years and are now working in the HSE. Our Air Corps are already flying premature and critically ill Ukrainian babies to Ireland where we have some spare neo-natal intensive care capacity. It’s only right and proper that we look after wounded people – whether soldier or civilian – from Putin’s unprovoked, brutal and completely unnecessary war in Ukraine.

Independent TD Cathal Berry

More details to follow.

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