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The former and last King of Greece dies at the age of 82.

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Late on Tuesday, Greek authorities announced the passing of the former and last King of Greece, Constantine at the age of 82 at the private Hygeia Hospital in the capital, Athens. According to AP news the King died after treatment in the intensive care unit.

The King was born on June 2nd, 1940 in Athens, to Prince Paul, the young brother of to King George II and heir presumptive to the throne. His older sister, Sophia, is the wife of the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos I. The late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip which was born in Greece, and husband of the late United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II, was an uncle.

The King reigned from 6th March 1964 at the age of 23, until the abolition of the monarchy on 1st June 1973. He was a competitive sailor and an Olympian. He won the gold medal in the Dragon class in the 1960 Rome Olympics. He was elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee in 1963 and also managed to become an honorary member for life in 1974.

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