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Category: Europe

Huge explosion in France.

Image Credit: Midilibre Moments ago local sources reported an explosion in Montpellier, France. The explosion seem to have occured after a garbage truck caught fire while being driven in Rue […]

A 3.2-magnitude earthquake strikes France.

Image Credit: Earthstar Geographics Moments ago the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) reported a 3.2-magnitude earthquake in the English Channel, 36 km northwest of Saint-Jean-sur-Mer, France at a very shallow depth […]

Greece battling forest fires.

Image Credit: AFP On Sunday, firefighters continued its operation to contain a large forest fire that broke out on Saturday near Patras in Peloponnese, Greece’s third largest city. So far, […]

A 5.4-magnitude earthquake strikes Greece.

Image Credit: Earthstar Geographics Moments ago the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) reported that a 5.4-magnitude earthquake struck the Aegean Sea, 58 km south of Kos, Dodecanese, South Aegean, Greece […]